Elijah Hael - The Last Judgement Audio Book

Steve Goodwin
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Elijah looked around and saw that most people were dressed in black and seated towards the front of the church. He could see a casket with a photo frame set on top and his picture inside. He scanned to the right and recognized the familiar sight of his family, seated in the front row.

The church was quite full. Elijah estimated the crowd numbered about 150 people. Besides his own family, many of his work colleagues had turned up along with relatives and close friends. 

"I am dead. This is my funeral." 

Elijah turned to look at Castiel who looked back at him and nodded gently. 

And in that instant everything changed, in ways that Elijah Hael and those who read his story could never anticipate or imagine. Refreshing and inspiring, this novel offers a fun, high-paced adventurous read that will leave the reader wanting to know what happens next. 

Well-written and highly engaging, this book is a must for those that consider happenstance just as a coincidence of life-perhaps there is much more to life that we cannot see…this challenges the reader to consider the reality of eternity, salvation and the spiritual realm. Join Elijah Hael on his spellbinding and unforgettable journey.
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  • Size307 MB
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Elijah Hael - The Last Judgement Audio Book

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